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Justin Timberlake joins MrBeast for extravagant mansion tour in latest YouTube video

Justin Timberlake
Justin Timberlake joins MrBeast for extravagant mansion tour in latest YouTube video

Justin Timberlake, in a surprising cameo, recently joined forces with renowned YouTuber MrBeast in his latest video, titled “$1 Vs $100,000,000 House!”

The video features a star-studded cast of celebrities as they embark on a tour of homes with dramatically varying price tags, ranging from a $1 “shed” to an awe-inspiring $100 million mansion, later corrected by MrBeast as actually valued at $139,000.

The focal point of the video was the jaw-dropping $100 million mansion, which is a three-story marvel boasting 12 bedrooms, 17 bathrooms, breathtaking views of the Los Angeles skyline, a $2.5 million car elevator, a colossal home theater with reclining seating, and a giant remote-controlled screen that emerges behind an outdoor pool at the push of a button.

The amusing exchange between MrBeast and Timberlake began with MrBeast playfully suggesting, “This is Justin’s house, and he’s going to show us around,” to which Timberlake responded with a lighthearted “No.”

Timberlake, however, was genuinely impressed with the house, jokingly remarking on the realism of the CGI.

Timberlake’s tour of the mansion included visits to a “minimalist” kitchen, rooms adorned with rare Italian marble, an ice room, a $2.5 million car elevator, and a dazzling $1 million chandelier, which Timberlake found to be quite imposing, even causing the ceiling to sag.

In an amusing twist, Timberlake and the group explored a variety of unique features in the mansion, including a dinosaur fossil and the “primary bedroom,” complete with a shower spacious enough for ten people. Timberlake humorously exclaimed, “That’s my thing, man,” in response.

As the tour wrapped up, MrBeast humorously asked Timberlake if he would consider purchasing the mansion.

Timberlake, in good spirits, agreed after learning that a friend’s shirt came with the property.

In addition to Timberlake, the video included appearances by Mark Cuban and Miranda Cosgrove, who explored other lavish homes, each offering distinctive and luxurious features.

While Timberlake may not be investing in a $100 million mansion, he is making waves in the world of business. Teaming up with golf legend Tiger Woods, he recently launched a sports bar in New York City known as T-Squared Social.

The establishment offers an unparalleled sports bar experience, featuring Full Swing golf simulators, duckpin bowling, and a diverse menu of elevated culinary offerings and beverages.

Timberlake expressed his excitement, stating, “It’s a beautiful space that transcends the typical sports bar experience. You can go to be entertained without sacrificing quality or comfort.”

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