California Dreams reunion: original cast rocks the stage after 25 years

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California Dreams reunion: original cast rocks the stage after 25 years

Fans of the iconic ’90s teen sitcom, California Dreams, were treated to a nostalgic blast from the past as the original cast came together for a much-anticipated reunion.

The beloved actors who once portrayed the teenage band members in the hit show graced the stage once more, thrilling fans who had longed for this moment.

The reunion took place at Stitch Bar & Blues in New York City and was part of the 90s Dreams Fan Fest, an event that provided fans with the opportunity to engage with their favorite stars.

All nine of the original cast members, who had brought life to the characters of “California Dreams,” were in attendance.

The ensemble included Michael Cade, Brentley Gore, Jay Anthony Franke, Aaron Jackson, William James Jones, Jennie Kwan, Kelly Packard, Heidi Saban, and Diana Uribe.

The excitement was palpable as the cast not only performed live but also took part in panel discussions, autograph sessions, and photo opportunities, much to the delight of their dedicated fanbase.

Jay Anthony Franke, one of the cast members, expressed his profound emotions about the reunion, describing the day as “magical.”

He remarked, “My heart is full,” capturing the sentiments of both the cast and the fans who had longed for this special gathering.

The event was masterminded and produced by Kelly Packard and Jennie Kwan, who played a significant role in making the reunion a reality.

Aaron Jackson, known for his role as Mark Winkle on the show, also expressed his overwhelming happiness at the reunion. He exclaimed, “My heart is full,” and shared his joy in reuniting with his “family” after a remarkable 30 years.

The reunion not only delivered an unforgettable experience for fans but also demonstrated the enduring bond among the cast members. It was a testament to the timelessness of their connection, and the California Dreams family remains as close-knit as ever.

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