Daniel Radcliffe admits to googling and fanfiction dives in lie detector test

Daniel Radcliffe
Daniel Radcliffe admits to googling and fanfiction dives in lie detector test

Daniel Radcliffe, widely recognized for his portrayal of the beloved Harry Potter, recently underwent a polygraph test presented by Vanity Fair.

In the course of this examination, Radcliffe made some rather intriguing admissions.

In response to the inquiry of whether he has ever conducted a self-search on the internet, the 34-year-old actor gave an unabashed “Yes.” This forthright revelation prompted some playful banter from fellow actor Jonathan Groff.

The divulgence continued as Groff posed another question, asking, “Have you ever delved into fan-written stories featuring yourself?”

Radcliffe replied in the affirmative once more and went on to mention that he had even explored fanfiction revolving around his character, Harry Potter, engaging in a romantic relationship with the sinister Draco Malfoy.

Taking a moment to elaborate on the term “shipping,” Radcliffe clarified that it essentially concerns fans desiring a romantic connection between two fictional characters.

This elucidation exemplifies the depth of commitment fans hold for their adored characters and their imaginative storytelling.

The conversation then ventured into the peculiar anecdotes and rumors that Radcliffe has encountered about himself.

Among these were bizarre claims involving the Special Air Service (SAS) taking his dogs for a walk and brewing custom beer with the assistance of Belgian monks.

Additionally, Radcliffe noted a rather perplexing account where he purportedly had his assistant hold scripts in front of a mirror while undergoing makeup, a practice he found impractical.

This unreserved and light-hearted revelation into Radcliffe’s encounters with fan culture and the peculiar speculations circulating on the internet underscores the actor’s down-to-earth disposition, despite his global recognition and iconic role as Harry Potter.

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