Kristin Cavallari sets the record straight on Travis Kelce crush comments

Kristin Cavallari
Kristin Cavallari sets the record straight on Travis Kelce crush comments

Reality TV star Kristin Cavallari has decided to set the record straight regarding her recent confession about NFL player Travis Kelce.

On a September 19 episode of her podcast, “Let’s Be Honest with Kristin Cavallari,” the former “The Hills” star revealed that she had a “crush” on Kelce back in 2016 when he starred in his own reality dating series, “Catching Kelce.”

During the podcast, she stated, “You were 100% my TV crush when the show was on. I was in love with you.”

Her comments created some buzz, with people speculating that she was trying to make a romantic connection with the Kansas City Chiefs star, especially since he is currently in a relationship with pop superstar Taylor Swift.

However, Cavallari has clarified that her comments were taken out of context. She explained to E! News that she wasn’t trying to make a move on Kelce.

She humorously stated, “I actually wasn’t there. If I really have a crush on someone, I’m not going to tell you I had a huge crush on you and was in love with you. I’ve got more game than that.”

This clarification comes as Kelce continues his relationship with Taylor Swift. Kelce recently appeared on Cavallari’s podcast, and during the interview, he shared his views on the qualities he values in a romantic partner.

He mentioned that he’s looking for someone humble, grounded, and kind-hearted and emphasized that he’s not interested in those who are “high maintenance” or “arrogant.”

As the relationship between Kelce and Swift continues to generate interest, even Kelce’s family members have become involved. His mother, Donna Kelce, has had positive interactions with Swift, describing her as “very sweet” and “down to earth.”

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