Millie Bobby Brown reveals how Jacob Bongiovi helped her embrace imperfections

Millie Bobby Brown
Millie Bobby Brown reveals how Jacob Bongiovi helped her embrace imperfections

Millie Bobby Brown, the actress famous for her roles in “Stranger Things” and “Enola Holmes,” shared the transformative impact of her relationship with fiancé Jacob Bongiovi on her self-esteem and self-love.

During the interview, Brown, 19, described a challenging period in her life, referring to it as “a really…interesting time.”

She admitted feeling deeply upset with herself and her past decisions. Furthermore, she confessed that she had been afraid to assert her strength and individuality in her previous relationship, which had been described as “unhealthy.”

However, everything changed when she met Jacob Bongiovi. Brown revealed that he allowed her to be her true self, encouraging her to be confident and unapologetically outspoken.

She expressed how he embraced and celebrated her authenticity, enabling her to “fall in love with [herself]” while being with him.

A poignant moment in their relationship was when Jacob listed qualities he admired in Brown, even those she had struggled to accept about herself.

He told her, “You don’t know why I love you!” To which she replied, “Why do you love me?” He then proceeded to enumerate the very qualities she had previously disliked about herself, reassuring her with, “Of course I do.”

Brown acknowledged that these attributes, which Jacob appreciated, were now the things she cherished about herself.

She credited him with being a significant part of her journey to self-love and the process of embracing her identity as a woman. She expressed, “He was a really big, huge part of me loving myself.”

Millie Bobby Brown and Jacob Bongiovi, son of the legendary American singer Jon Bon Jovi, announced their engagement in April 2023, after two years of dating.

Brown, who recently received Glamour’s Women of the Year award, has emerged as an advocate for self-acceptance and resilience, notably after enduring hurtful taunts during her childhood.

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