Netflix hit series ‘Elite’ to conclude with season eight

Netflix hit series ‘Elite’ to conclude with season eight

Netflix’s popular series “Elite” is coming to an end after the eighth season. The streaming platform announced this decision right before the seventh season’s release.

The show’s creator, Carlos Montero, shared the news at a press event, stating that they wanted to finish the series while it’s still in a good place.

“Elite,” which first hit screens in 2018, has been highly praised and has a devoted fan base. It tells the story of working-class teenagers who enroll in a prestigious private school in Spain.

Montero expressed his mixed feelings about ending the show, recognizing the significant impact it has had on its actors and viewers.

Many actors began their careers with “Elite” and have since become international stars.

The global success of the show can be attributed to the cast’s dedication to their roles and the engaging storylines, often revolving around the students’ romantic entanglements.

While “Elite” occasionally relied on familiar teen show themes, it was also praised for its clever writing and unique take on these themes.

Fans of the series can look forward to the eighth season, which will be the grand finale for the intriguing characters and their stories.

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