Nicky Hilton shares heartwarming tale of cousin playdates in NYC

Nicky Hilton
Nicky Hilton shares heartwarming tale of cousin playdates in NYC

Nicky Hilton Rothschild, at 40 years old, took a moment to share heartwarming family moments with PEOPLE at the God’s Love We Deliver Golden Heart Awards, an event aimed at raising funds for a charity that provides specialized meals and nutritional services for individuals facing severe illnesses.

The occasion provided the perfect backdrop for Nicky Hilton to discuss her sister, Paris Hilton, 42, who was in New York City with her 8-month-old son, Phoenix. Nicky expressed the excitement of their children having playdates with her sister’s kids, an opportunity that arises rarely due to the geographical separation between the Hilton sisters.

Furthermore, Nicky Hilton highlighted that the children had been enjoying the beautiful fall weather by visiting Washington Square Park, making their time together even more special. The cousins’ get-togethers clearly brought joy to the family.

Nicky Hilton Rothschild also touched on her own growing family, recently welcoming her third child, a son, in July 2022. However, she and her husband have chosen not to disclose their son’s name.

She revealed that her family is now a party of five, expressing the love and adoration that her children have for their new sibling.

Through her remarks, Nicky Hilton Rothschild gave an endearing glimpse into the bonds shared between the Hilton sisters and the cherished moments they create for their children. Family, it seems, remains at the heart of their lives, forging strong connections and beautiful memories for the cousins.

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