Prince Christian of Denmark celebrates 18th birthday

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Prince Christian of Denmark celebrates 18th birthday

Prince Christian of Denmark celebrated his 18th birthday in grand style with a gala dinner at Christiansborg Palace in Copenhagen.

As the eldest son of Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary, he is the second in line to the Danish throne.

The event drew royal guests from various European countries, including Princess Elisabeth of Belgium, Princess Ingrid Alexandra of Norway, and Princess Estelle of Sweden.

The close ties between Scandinavian royal families were evident, as they often spend time together and share in each other’s important family occasions.

The birthday celebration also included representatives from Danish youth organizations and young individuals who have excelled in sports, art, and culture.

A remarkable addition was the invitation of around 200 young people from the Danish Commonwealth, representing Denmark’s municipalities, Greenland, and the Faroe Islands.

Attendees adhered to a formal dress code that included ball gowns, uniforms, white tie, and even the wearing of tiaras.

While Prince Christian currently holds the position of second in line to the throne, he won’t immediately take a seat in the Council of State.

However, he is now eligible to be appointed as the head of state, pending a future change of throne. He decided not to accept the government funding he was legally entitled to upon turning 18.

Instead, Prince Christian will focus on his studies, and the matter will be reconsidered when he turns 21 or if there is a change in throne.

The Danish Royal House announced that he will prioritize completing his upper secondary education, with further details about his youth and education courses to be provided in due course.

This decision aligns with that of Princess Catharina-Amalia of the Netherlands, who declined her government-funded allowance until she undertakes a full-time royal role.

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