Taylor Zakhar Perez Reacts to Jacob Elordi’s Criticism of “The Kissing Booth” on Netflix

Taylor Zakhar Perez Reacts to Jacob Elordi’s Criticism of “The Kissing Booth” on Netflix

In a recent conversation at the GQ Men of the Year party in West Hollywood, Taylor Zakhar Perez, known for his role as Marco Peña in the hit Netflix trilogy “The Kissing Booth,” shared his thoughts on co-star Jacob Elordi’s less-than-enthusiastic perspective on the franchise. This revelation came during a candid moment at Bar Marmont, shedding light on the divergent experiences of two prominent actors who brought life to the characters of Marco and Noah Flynn.

Taylor Zakhar Perez conveyed his disappointment regarding Jacob Elordi’s less-than-enthusiastic encounter while filming “The Kissing Booth.” His sentiment was palpable as he commented, “I found it disheartening because, as far as I know, everyone else had an enjoyable experience.” This observation alludes to a noticeable divergence in the on-set atmospheres experienced by the cast, underscoring Taylor’s emphasis on the predominantly positive interactions shared by the majority of the ensemble.

Considering the temporal context of the trilogy’s launch, Taylor contemplated, “Particularly when those films were released, it coincided with a period when we genuinely needed something of that nature.” Delving into the profound influence the movies wielded on their audience during trying times, he remarked, “Through our interactions with fans, where I get approached constantly, I grasp the significance of ‘Kissing Booth’ in people’s lives and the solace it brought them amid challenging moments.” Despite any looming negativity within the filming environment, Taylor took comfort in the realization that the movies became a source of laughter and joy for audiences.

In stark contrast, Jacob Elordi’s recent GQ Men of the Year cover story unveiled his critical perspective on “The Kissing Booth” trilogy. He openly shared, “I didn’t want to make those movies before I made those movies.” Jacob dismissed the films as “ridiculous” and labeled them as a form of escapism rather than presenting universal themes. He expressed concern about the lack of originality, claiming, “You have no original ideas, and you’re dead inside. So it’s a fine dance.”

Amidst this dichotomy of perspectives, Taylor Zakhar Perez gracefully acknowledged a silver lining within Jacob Elordi’s divergent experience. He reflected, “I suppose the positive aspect is that, despite everything, he still managed to bring laughter and joy to people.” Taylor’s commentary reveals a commendable ability to extract positivity from what could potentially be a contentious situation. It underscores the profound impact that “The Kissing Booth” had on audiences, transcending the individual experiences of the actors involved.

The contrasting viewpoints of Taylor Zakhar Perez and Jacob Elordi regarding their experiences on the set of “The Kissing Booth” trilogy add layers of complexity to the narrative surrounding the beloved Netflix franchise. While Taylor celebrates the positive impact the movies had on fans during challenging times, Jacob’s critical stance raises important questions about the balance between commercial success and artistic integrity in the entertainment industry. The dichotomy of their perspectives serves as a reminder that the world of filmmaking is multifaceted, with each actor navigating their unique journey within the collaborative realm of storytelling.

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